9.10.11 & 9.11.11 – Invocation


Author: Scott Hodge
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We are all spiritual at our core and we need a set of practical rhythms and habits that can increase our awareness of what God is doing throughout the everyday activities in our lives.

Journey with us through our new series called Rhythms: Everyday Spiritual Practices.

9.03.11 & 9.04.11 – Damian McCrink


Author: Damian McCrink
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Since the beginning of time, stories and songs have always resonated deeply in the hearts and souls of humanity. Mankind has relied on them to learn, to reflect, to remember, and to share everything including historical events, life experiences, faith, hope, life, death, and everything you can imagine.

Stories and Songs have been at the core of major movements in history, the formation of culture, the recordings of tradition, and the teaching of life experience. It’s even how the message of Jesus was communicated to countless numbers of people for centuries.

We invite you on a journey this summer with a handful of artists, activists, and storytellers who are making a lasting impact on the world around them.

Join us for our new Summer series called Stories & Songs!