06.15.13 & 06.16.13 – The Orchard Summer Film Festival- Ben Thomas


06.15.13 & 06.16.13 -The Orchard Summer Film Festival – Ben Thomas

Join us for The Orchard – Summer Film Festival, starting June 8th and 9th

We love movies.

Whether it’s this summer’s latest superhero action blockbuster, a classic comedies, an independent drama or documentary funded on Kickstarter, something in us is drawn into a good story.

Movies are powerful.

Something in us changes when we watch a good flick. Movies have the power to capture our imagination, wake us up to new realities and shape our worldview.

Movies are spiritual.

For decades, the art form of cinematography has been used to convey deep truths about the human spirit through stories. Its through those stories we can discover an even greater Story being told beneath the surface. A Story of brokenness, redemption and restoration that resonates deep within each of us.

Join us for a series exploring the deep connections between us, God, and the world around us, found within the films that we love.

Weekend Gathering Times

Saturdays 5:00pm | Sundays 9:00am & 11:00am

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