08.24.13 & 08.25.13 – Voices – Ian Morgan Cron


08.24.13 & 08.25.13 – Voices – Ian Morgan Cron

Join us for Voices, starting August 3rd and 4th

28,744 days. 78.7 years. A little over three-quarters of a century. That’s how long our average stay is on this planet. We’re here and then we’re gone. Our lives are finite.

During that time we are bombarded with a barrage of voices telling us everything from what to watch on TV to how to marinade our burgers to where we should work and who we should vote for.

In the midst of all of the noise, God is still in the business of speaking to us, sometimes whispering like a scribble on a napkin or with a loud resounding sound that echoes throughout the ages. More often than not, God speaks through others, giving us great nuggets of wisdom to guide us through life.

Join us for “Voices”, a summer series at The Orchard, as we put our ears to the ground and listen to the ways God is speaking and acting through the lives and stories of a variety of others who are making a great impact on the world around them.

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