11.02.13 & 11.03.13 – FREEWAY: OWNERSHIP – Scott Hodge

Freeway Series Graphic

11.02.13 & 11.03.13 – FREEWAY: OWNERSHIP – Scott Hodge

“Kick perfectionism to the curb and learn to be OK with being OK.”
“Decide to let your identity and value be shaped by a loving God.”
“Take ownership of your life and embrace the opportunity to pursue your dream.”
“Break cycles of shame and feeling like you’re never enough.”
“Discover how pain, fear and hurts hijack your God story.”

“FREEWAY” is a teaching series built on God’s amazing grace, honest conversations
with friends, and finding freedom from our deepest pain and struggles.

This past weekend Scott Hodge continued our FREEWAY series by giving us four simple questions that can help lead us into taking greater ownership and responsibility for our lives. #iamfree

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