06.21.14 & 06.22.14 – Music & Movies- Scott Hodge


Summertime. The resting months. Its a time to kick back and enjoy the finer things in life… sleeping in, sandy beaches, and of course, lots of music and movies.

This summer at The Orchard we’ll be sharing some of our favorite MUSIC and MOVIES, unpacking the stories told within them and looking at how these works of art reflect the deeper things about us, our human nature and our Creator.

This past weekend Scott Hodge kicked off our new summer series, “Music & Movies” by diving into the fun and creative story of “The Lego Movie.” Using stories, scripture, and movie clips, Scott talked about how we can reframe some of the questions that keep us from living and being the extraordinary people God has created us to be.

06.21.14 & 06.22.14 – Music & Movies- Scott Hodge


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