02.14.15 & 02.15.15 – Lent 2015- Larry Boatright


02.14.15 & 02.15.15 – Lent 2015- Larry Boatright

Lent is a 40-day season that helps us prepare for Easter.  For centuries, Christians have used Lent as an opportunity to shift our pace, slow down, and take an honest and clearheaded look at our lives.  This year, The Orchard Community will practice Lent in a number of ways, beginning with Ash Wednesday, journeying us through Lent, Holy Week, Good Friday and into a life-brimming celebration of resurrection at Easter.

For more about LENT… its origins and how The Orchard Community is practicing it this year, read this post called “Why Lent?”

Visit our 2015 Lent Resources Page for books, films, music and more ideas on how to practice Lent.


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