05.02.15 & 05.03.15 – FREE: Believe You Have Enough – Scott Hodge & Tammy Helfrich


Freedom. We know we were made for it, but often don’t experience it amidst our packed schedules, mountains of debt, and hectic pace of life.

Join us for a series about aligning our everyday lives with the things that matter most.

April & May, 2015 at The Orchard

05.02.15 & 05.03.15 – FREE- Believe You Have Enough

This past weekend Scott Hodge and Tammy Helfrich shared an inspiring conversation about each of us becoming who we’ve been created to be. Drawing from her own personal story, Tammy shared some practical insights about how we can prepare ourselves NOW for what God may call us to do in the FUTURE.

Weekend Gatherings:

Saturdays at 5pm | Sundays at 10am

101 S. Barnes Rd. Aurora IL