05.30.15 & 05.31.15 – Bring Forth: Dawn – Scott Hodge & Ben Thomas


Each day, our lives are graced with three distinct movements – DAWN, DAY, and DUSK. Embedded within each of these are unique opportunities to deepen our connection with God, ourselves, and the world around us. Join us as we explore what these three movements can bring forth each day.

Featuring music from Ben Thomas’ new album, “Bring Forth”, which releases on June 23rd.  Download a free 3-song preview/sampler below. Learn more at benthomasonline.com.


Bring Forth Video Podcast


05.30.15 & 05.31.15 – Bring Forth: Dawn

Last weekend Scott Hodge and Ben Thomas kicked off our new series, “Bring Forth” with a conversation about DAWN, both as a window of opportunity we receive each day, and as a season of our lives when new things are happening.

Check out our audio and video podcasts, which feature Ben and his team performing one of his new songs “Again the Lord”.

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