Podcast Setup

Podcast Setup

1. Download iTunes


Download the latest version of iTunes from http://www.apple.com/itunes/download. iTunes is a free download. Follow the on screen instructions. Podcasting requires iTunes version 4.9 or greater.

2. Install iTunes

Install iTunes from the icon on your desktop. Follow the onscreen instructions to configure iTunes on your computer and set up an apple account.

3. Find The Orchard Podcast

itunes2.jpg itunes3.jpg

In the music store click podcasts. This will bring you to the main Podcast page. Run a search for “The Orchard”. When you find The Orchard Podcast click the subscribe button. This will add The Orchard to your list of podcasts.

4. Download Recent Messages

As new sermons are added they will automatically appear in your iTunes Podcast list. In order to hear a sermon you need to download it your hard drive by clicking the “Get” button.

5. Updating Your iPod (optional)

If you have an iPod you can add The Orchard messages to your iPod, iPod-Mini or iPod Shuffle. Simply connect your iPod to your computer and watch the messages automatically transfer to your iPod. If you are having trouble updating your iPod check your iPod connection preferences through iTunes preferences (PC: Edit (on tool bar) > Preferences or Mac: iTunes (on tool bar) > Preferences).

NOTE: It is not necessary to own an iPod or .mp3 player to listen to Orchard messages online.  You can play all messages through iTunes or any other .mp3 program installed on your computer.

Still need help? Contact us at info@orchardvalleyonline.com.

One thought on “Podcast Setup

  1. Hi, my name is Tainna, I live in miami and attend to Flamingo Road Church.. I always go to Schott Hodge blog and I trying to watch the sermon of uncertainty… can I see it on the computer?/ or is only for ipods?/


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