December 26 & 27, 2015 – Living Room Liturgy (Weekend After Christmas)


Scott Hodge, Ben Thomas and Jenni Zielke engage in a fun and thought provoking conversation about this week’s Gospel reading, where Jesus goes missing from his parents for a few days. Be sure not to miss our Christmas sing-a-long at the end of the podcast! Visit for discussion questions and more. Merry Christmas!

12.26.15 & 12.27.15 – Living Room Liturgy: Scott Hodge, Ben Thomas & Jenni Zielke  

Saturdays at 5pm | Sundays at 10am

101 S. Barnes Rd. Aurora IL

11.09.13 & 11.10.13 – FREEWAY: FORGIVENESS – Ben Thomas

Freeway Series Graphic

11.09.13 & 11.10.13 – FREEWAY: FORGIVENESS – Ben Thomas

“Kick perfectionism to the curb and learn to be OK with being OK.”
“Decide to let your identity and value be shaped by a loving God.”
“Take ownership of your life and embrace the opportunity to pursue your dream.”
“Break cycles of shame and feeling like you’re never enough.”
“Discover how pain, fear and hurts hijack your God story.”

“FREEWAY” is a teaching series built on God’s amazing grace, honest conversations
with friends, and finding freedom from our deepest pain and struggles.


Weekend Gathering Times

Saturdays 5:00pm | Sundays 9:00am & 11:00am

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07.09.11 & 7.10.11 – Ben Thomas


Author: Ben Thomas
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Since the beginning of time, stories and songs have always resonated deeply in the hearts and souls of humanity. Mankind has relied on them to learn, to reflect, to remember, and to share everything including historical events, life experiences, faith, hope, life, death, and everything you can imagine.

Stories and Songs have been at the core of major movements in history, the formation of culture, the recordings of tradition, and the teaching of life experience. It’s even how the message of Jesus was communicated to countless numbers of people for centuries.

We invite you on a journey this summer with a handful of artists, activists, and storytellers who are making a lasting impact on the world around them.

Join us for our new Summer series called Stories & Songs!